Shop Skins of Sin Sock Masks

Whether you don’t have the time, skills or simply want to own a custom hand-detailed Screamline Studios Sock Mask you are in luck. We now offer custom made-to-order Skins of Sin Sock Masks! Below you’ll find our standard line of currently offered masks made from our very own superior Skins of Sin slip masks.

Screamline Studios Skins of Sin Sock Masks are Latex Slip masks attached to a nylon mesh/stocking. The advantage of this style of mask is they adjust to fit a variety of head sizes which keeps the slip mask tight to the face. This provides more comfort and better control unlike most full latex masks which can have a tendancy to "float" on the wearer. 

Every mask is handmade, painted and detailed by the artists at Screamline Studios so you know that you will receive an impressive product.  Other designs are available, just inquire. Any of our slip masks can be used to create a custom design just for you.